Understanding Healthcare Directives

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A Florida Power of Attorney is a legal document delegating authority from one person (the Principal) to another (the Agent), for the other to act on their behalf with regard to matters other than healthcare including legal, financial and business issues. Therefore, having a Healthcare (Medical) Surrogate (also known as a Healthcare Power of Attorney) in addition to a general Power of Attorney is important for everyone to have. These crucial healthcare documents are referred to collectively as Advanced Healthcare Directives.

Even the healthiest person may experience an accident or healthcare crisis and may not be able to speak for themselves. It is particularly critical to make clear what your wishes are should the time come that you cannot express them yourself.

You should only choose someone as your Healthcare (Medical) Surrogate to make these important medical decisions if you trust them to carry out your wishes. For example, your spouse or children might find it too painful or difficult to comply with your request to be removed from life support.

The person who makes your healthcare decisions is found in the Healthcare (Medical) Surrogate. But how do they know what your wishes are?

Another Advanced Healthcare directive is a Living Will. These are written instructions that a person gives specifically about the actions that should be taken for their health if they are no longer able to make decisions for themselves. The key decisions in the Living Will are:

  1. Whether to “pull the plug” on life prolonging machines if the loved one is both mentally incapacitated AND has a terminal illness, end stage condition or is a persistent vegetative state and
  2. Whether to maintain or remove a feeding tube and water tube under the same circumstances

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