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Understanding Healthcare Directives

  • by Caregiver Services, Inc.

A Florida Power of Attorney is a legal document delegating authority from one person (the Principal) to another (the Agent), for the other to act on their behalf with regard to matters other than healthcare including legal, financial and business issues.

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Elderly Driving: When to Take the Car Keys Away from Parents

  • by Nina Plonka RN, BSN, Director of Long Term Care Insurance

“Nice seeing you dad, drive home safely” I am sure we have all uttered those words and meant them. They have a more gut wrenching meaning when your father is in his middle 80’s or 90’s with poor vision and reflex times and drives off after dinner. Do you wait patiently for the phone to be assured that he has arrived home?

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Warning Signs of Elder Abuse and How to Report it

  • by Nina Plonka RN, BSN, Director of Long Term Care Insurance

If you are a health care provider or work with the elderly, it’s important to understand the signs of elder abuse to help protect seniors. Making accusations about abuse is very serious and cannot be made abruptly or without thought. As a Health care worker, if you are unsure of the signs you are considering to be abuse, you should share your feelings with a professional or a supervisor.

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6 Types of Elder Abuse in our Society

  • by Nina Plonka RN, BSN, Director of Long Term Care Insurance

The elderly are the most vulnerable people in our society next to children. When working with the elderly it’s important to ensure that they are given dignity and respect, not only for their life experience but for their wisdom. It is a fine line to walk when allowing them to maintain their dignity and ensure they are part of the decision making process until such time as they are physically or mentally unable. According to Adult Protective Services, 90% of the reported abuse is from family members and not hired professionals.

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