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Caring For A Child With Cerebral Palsy Can Be Demanding

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The symptoms of Cerebral Palsy are usually seen before a child is two years old, but sometimes appear within the first few months of life. This disorder, caused by injury or abnormalities of the immature brain, can affect brain or nervous system functions. Parents may notice delays early on at various developmental stages, such as sitting, rolling, crawling or walking.

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A Very Special Center for Special Needs Children

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A child with special needs may require skilled medical attention not available in normal day care center settings. This child may need apnea monitoring, oxygen administration, tube feedings, IV medication, tracheostomy care, or ventilator management. Whether temporary or short term, this means financial and time commitment from parents who may have to obtain in-home nursing care, or otherwise postpone work or studies to stay home full time and attend to these special needs.

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Finding a Caregiver for Elderly Parents

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As our parents age and lose their ability to properly take care of themselves independently, we as loving children often take on the task of ensuring they are properly cared for. Oftentimes to balance our own demanding responsibilities and workloads, we are faced with the challenge of seeking outside caregiving alternatives.

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Are Right At Home Caregivers a Good Fit?

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Many of us have loved ones who are facing the need for this additional care. According to the American Society on Aging, after age 65, an American has more than a 70 percent chance of needing help with the activities of everyday living. There are a number of options available including nursing homes and assisted living facilities. However, most seniors want to live in their own homes, surrounded by their belongings and memories, for as long as possible. More and more families are recognizing the benefits of hiring right at home caregivers to extend the stay and comfort of home and still have peace of mind.

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How to Find the Right Caregiver for Your Parents

  • by Caregiver Services, Inc.

A caregiver can be an important companion for your parent(s) and can support them with everything from bathing and light housekeeping, to meal preparation, prescription pick-ups and transportation to/from doctor’s appointments. If you have reached a decision that your budget and circumstances compel you to seek outside caregiving assistance for your loved one, following are some important considerations to get the process started.

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