CSI Caregiver Services Inc. Announces Partnership with Broward College

  • by Caregiver Services, Inc.

CSI Caregiver Services Inc. announces that it has partnered with Broward College and established annual scholarships for students enrolled in the Associate of Science Degree in Nursing /RN Program.

Al Soderquist, CEO, commented, “CSI's scholarship is designed to offer nursing students the opportunity to pursue their healthcare education, as well as learn about the excellent career opportunities offered by our company. We see this as a win/win/win for the students who are awarded the scholarship, for Broward College, which can expand educational opportunities for their students, and for CSI, which gains great new healthcare professionals.”

“Like Caregiver Services, Broward College's nursing program started small and has grown to be a national leader. Our nursing students, many of whom juggle college, family and career responsibilities, will benefit greatly from the educational and employment opportunities these scholarships will provide,” said Broward College President J. David Armstrong, Jr. “Caregiver Services’ investment will pay off over and over and over in our communities.”

Applicants are required to have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA, complete the program within 24 months, and be a U.S. Citizen and Florida resident. Applications will be accepted from nursing students who have completed their first semester and are enrolled at either of Broward College's North, Central and South campuses. Caregiver Services is excited about the opportunity to support Broward College's Nursing Program!

About CSI: CSI's vision is to be the most trusted name in caregiving services in the United States by offering a broad range of caregiving services that deliver the best in value, reliability and quality in the communities served. CSI is the largest nurse registry in the country with a service foot print covering more than 80% of the Florida population. CSI has developed a network of 5,000 active caregivers in Florida and Tennessee and has diversified into Medicare Home Health services in Miami Dade County. Comprehensive staffing services are offered by CSI Staffing and prescribed pediatric extended care services (PPEC) is provided through CSI Special Care.

For more information, contact Paula Lotz at paulal@cgsi.cc or 561-967-5859 Ext. 1119.

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